Court acquits man of hate speech for calling Muslims “raging ass slammers”

The court in Amsterdam acquitted a PVV supporter of hate speech on appeal on Wednesday. The man called Muslims "raging ass slammers" in the 2010 film Wilders the movie, NU reports.

After the Geert Wilders documentary was released, the Public Prosecutor investigated whether the PVV leader or any of his supporters could be prosecuted for hate speech.

According to the prosecutor, a number of the suspect's statements can be considered hate speech because they are directly addressed to Muslims. The Prosecutor demanded a 500 euro fine against the man.

But the court ruled that the man made his statements in the context of a public debate - he was interviewed prior to an anti-Islam demonstration - and can therefore not be seen as incitement to hatred, violence, discrimination or intolerance. The court who first tried the case ruled the same.

Wilders himself is currently facing a hate speech trial, for statements he made in The Hague during his 2014 election campaign. The PVV leader asked a cafe full of his supporters whether they want more or fewer Moroccans in the city, to which the responded with the chant "fewer, fewer, fewer".


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