Asylum activists chain themselves to Justice Min. entrance

A group of activists from the Anarchist Anti-Deportation Group Utrecht blocked the main entrance to the Ministry of Security and Justice in The Hague on Thursday morning. This is in protest to the construction of what the group calls a "family prison" for failed asylum seekers awaiting deportation, Het Parool reports.

A number of the activists chained themselves to the Ministry's gate. They hung banners and are distributing flyers. According to the police, this protest was not arranged with the municipality, and is therefor illegal. Officers are talking to the protesters about leaving the Ministry.

The group is protesting against the construction of an asylum center on Camp Zeist near Soesterberg where mostly failed asylum seekers and their families will stay while awaiting deportation. The group describes this as a "family prison".

In November the group advocated for the same cause by blocking the entrance to the site where the camp is being constructed.