D66 youth member threatens to put bullet through Widlers' head

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A member of the Friesland branch of D66 youth movement Jonge Democraten, threatened PVV leader Geert Wilders with death on Twitter. "Geert Wilders come to Drachten once. I'll put a bullet through your cunt head", Mohamed Mahir, former treasurer of the youth movement, tweeted.

The whole message reads: "Geert Wilders come to Drachten once. I'll put a bullet through your cunt head. I'll cut you open and feed you to the pigs (your type of species). You will be killed, let me do it better."

The national department of the Jonge Democraten is "very shocked" by the tweet, chairman Elene Walgenbach said to RTL Nieuws. "To be sure we are still checking whether it is indeed from our member. A death threat like this we take very seriously. This must be condemned at all times. This can absolutely not be allowed." She added that Mahir will be expelled, both from the Jonge Democraten and the D66 as a whole.

A spokesperson for the Frisian branch also commented to the broadcaster. "We find such threats unacceptable and therefore take the greatest possible distance from these statements."

A year ago Mahir was actively involved in the Jonge Democraten Friesland, though he resigned after three months. Ruben Feiken, chairman of the branch, is "shocked" by Mahir's statements. "I know him well. I don't understand this at all. He is an intelligent and friendly guy. I do not know how he can come to this type of statements."