Dutch elderly women knit world’s longest scarf stretching 3.3 kilometers

Scheveningen ladies break world record with 3.3 kilometer long scarf (Photo: respectzorggroep.nl)Scheveningen ladies break world record with 3.3 kilometer long scarf (Photo: respectzorggroep.nl)

A group of elderly ladies in the Uiterjoon nursing home in Scheveningen broke a world record by knitting a scarf that is 3.320 kilometers long, almost 500 meters longer than the previous record of 2869.15 meters.

It started out innocently enough, see if they could knit a scarf in an afternoon, initiator Marianne Quispel told Omroep West, but ended in an attempt to get their names into the Guinness book of world records.

"we thought we'd be up to three kilometers in half a year, but with that we kind of miscalculated", Quispel said to the broadcaster. It eventually took them 26 months.

Guinness hasn't officially measured the scarf yet, but the nursing home hopes they'll get to it soon. The scarf will soon be displayed in Heerveen skating stadium Thialf. "Then the people who worked on it can see their creation on television during skating matches." Quispel said.