Scottish man wakes up in Amsterdam after getting wasted in Glasgow

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A drunken night out in Glasgow with friends on Thursday must have taken an unexpected turn for Scottish amateur wrestler David McCallum. Because he woke up in Amsterdam on Friday morning, with no idea where he was or how he got there.

McCallum was kicked out of a bar in Glasgow at some point on Thursday night and went back home to get his ID after the next bar would not let him in, he told local news site The Lad Bible. From there things go fuzzy.

For unknown reasons McCallum decided to book a last minute flight to Amsterdam, as well as two hotel rooms in the city. "I love Amsterdam and I lost my job a week ago. I think those combined with booze made me just do it", he told the site.

He woke up with a massive hangover and had to go outside to find out where he was. McCallum finally got hold of his sister and begged her to book him a flight back home, as booking two hotel rooms left him pretty much broke. His sister also had to book him another hotel room, as the next flight wasn't until Saturday.

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