Dutch e-bike recharges itself on solar power

The Dutch Solar Cycle (Photo: Dutch Solar Cycle/Facebook). (The Dutch Solar Cycle (Photo: Dutch Solar Cycle/Facebook))

A Dutch startup company came up with the latest in transport - an electrical bike that charges itself using solar cells on its wheels.

The Dutch Solar Cycle was developed by Solar Application Lab (SAL) along with TU Eindhoven, Segula and Ebike Nederland. The prototype will be presented next week. In the coming months 10 bikes will be tested.

"We developed a technique that is twenty times more effective (than current solar cells)", SAL founder Marc Peters said to Bright.nl. "This makes it possible to generate enough energy on small areas. So even on your bike. How much more Dutch can you get?"

The cells will be tested to make sure they work in all weather, sunshine or rain. Peters also wants the bicycles to be "idiot proof". He is talking with interested parties in the search for investors.