Violent Dutch passenger overpowered on London-bound flight

Emirates Airbus A330-200 (Photo: Adrian Pingstone/Wikimedia Commons). (Emirates Airbus A330-200 (Photo: Adrian Pingstone/Wikimedia Commons))

A traveling police officer and other passengers overpowered and subdued a 30 year old Dutchman on an Emirates flight from Dubai to London on Sunday. According to eyewitnesses, the man suddenly became extremely violent and tried to headbutt several crew members on the flight, NU reports

One passenger told British newspaper the Daily Mail that the incident started in the cabin where meals are prepared. He was strained and tied up. A surgical face mask what put on his face, for fear that he was going to bite.

The Dutchman was arrested when the plane landed in London on Sunday. He is in custody at Heathrow airport on suspicion of public violence. A spokesperson for the Heathrow police stated that this was not a terrorist incident.