Dutchman, nature guide rescued in Nepal tiger attack

Tiger (Photo: Hollingsworth, John and Karen/Wikimedia Commons)Tiger (Photo: Hollingsworth, John and Karen/Wikimedia Commons)

Dutch tourist Gorard van Laan managed to survive a tiger attack by climbing up a tree in the Bardiya National Park in Nepal on Saturday. He was stuck in the tree for about two hours before being rescued, local newspaper Kathmandu Post reports.

Van Laan was visiting the park with two guides, Krishna Shah and Umanga Khadka, and owner of the Bardiya Tiger Resort Ramji Thapa when the tiger pounced. The three locals managed to get away, but Van Laan was chased up a tree. He informed guide Shah where he was by phone.

Shah and three others went back to try and rescue their Dutch guest. The three others chased the tiger away by making noise and banging on the ground, but the animal and two cubs attacked Shah as he approached the tree. The parks mahouts and their elephants eventually rescued Van Laan, about two hours later.

Shah was injured on his hands and legs and taken to the hospital for treatment. His condition is stable, a spokesperson for the park told the Kathmandu Post. The park is home to about 70 tigers.


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