Centuries old sheepskin condom auctioned off for €600

Centuries old condom sold on Catawiki for 600 euros, 14 Feb 2016 (Photo: Catawiki). (Centuries old condom sold on Catawiki for 600 euros, 14 Feb 2016 (Photo: Catawiki))

A very old condom sold on online auction site Catawiki for 600 euros on Sunday. The condom, which comes from the 18th or 19th century and is made of sheep intestine, sold for more than double than what was expected and is now the most expensive condom in the world, according to the auction site, ANP reports.

According to Catawiki, such an old condom is really a rarity. Only a few of them still exist and the vast majority of them are in museums.

"From the Middle Ages condoms were made from the intestines of sheep, pigs, calves and goats. Because it was very expensive and time consuming to make such a condom, they were often only used by wealthy people. Since the advent of inexpensive rubber condoms in the 19th century, condoms from sheep intestine were no longer used. It is therefore very extraordinary that the condom has been preserved for so long", according to the site.

The condom was found in France and is 19 centimeters long.