Caviar-topped fries: The Netherlands new fish & chips

Rotterdam snack bar Tante Nel's caviar-topped fries (Photo: Tante Nel)Rotterdam snack bar Tante Nel's caviar-topped fries (Photo: Tante Nel)

This week the Tante Nel cafeteria on Pannekoekstraat in Rotterdam launched what they hope will be the Netherlands' new fish and chips - fries topped with caviar. Owner Keven de Roos, who describes the new range as "really quite delicious", wants to giver Rotterdam residents a new experience, he said to Metro Nieuws.

The Tante Nel snack bar opened a year and a half ago and is the only one to also have a liquor license. "We want to be a forerunner and look look for it in new combinations", De Roos, 29, said to the newspaper. "With us you drink a gin and tonic while you eat a snack. We are also busy with other things, but I can say nothing about that."

Traditionalists don't have to worry, they can still get fries with mayo and a meatball if they want. "We want to go a new direction with the snack bar, but that does not mean at the expense of well known products", De Roos said. "We are just a snack bar with normal prices. Everyone comes through year, from young to old and from poor to rich."