Report: Police tipped off murder & drug smuggling suspect before raids

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The investigation into Miloud B., suspected of drug smuggling and in the murder of Lithuanian Gintas Macionis, may have been compromised by a leak from within the police. The suspect knew which addresses would be raided weeks before he and several other suspects were arrested, with the result that they had opportunity to get rid of incriminating evidence, BN De Stem reports based on reports on police questioning.

In interviews with suspects, detectives talk about leaks in the investigation. They don't say who leaked information, but do say that B. knew all the addresses of planned raids. This may explain why little evidence was found during the raids when the suspects were

The Public Prosecutor would not comment to the newspaper on the leak and what impact it may have had on the investigation.

The police believe that the group around B. is involved in large-scale exports of cannabis, with possible connections to the Satudarah motorcycle gang. The police also believe that B. ordered the in Huijbergen. The two were business partners, but had a falling out about drug money.

According to BN De Stem, the suspects' lawyers assume that it was corrupt cop Mark M. who tipped off B. and his crew. According to the Public Prosecutor, M. "unlawfully obtained information" about criminal investigations and . It is believed that he had close ties with and