Suspect confesses to murder of D66 politician Els Borst over euthanasia

Bart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in RotterdamBart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in Rotterdam

Bart van U. confessed to killing former politician Els Borst in February 2014. In a statement he gave the court on Thursday he said that it was his "divine mission" to kill the person responsible for the euthanasia law, Els Borst in his eyes, according to AD reporter Victor Schildkamp, tweeting live from within the courtroom. 

Van U.'s bizarre statement led the Public Prosecutor to demand another psychiatric examination in the Pieter Baan Center. According to his lawyer, Van U. does not want to go back to the center and he won't cooperate. He has been through so many examinations that it is "driving him crazy" and another examination would be "too difficult".

The judges convened and decided that Van U. will not have to go back to the Pieter Baan Center. According to them, he has been through enough examinations.

This is the first time Van U. said anything regarding the murder on Els Borst. But during his trial for the murder on his sister Lois, killed in January 2015, Van U. also mentioned euthanasia. He stated that he was scared of his sister and that he had to kill her. He felt she would do anything to have him committed and drive him to suicide. He also talked about their different political views and how Lois was "for euthanasia and abortion".

Van U. has to appear in court again for the substantive hearing in the Els Borst murder case on March 29th. Now that he's confessed to the murder, the big remaining question is how accountable he is.