Public shaming: Photos of anti-asylum rioters released

Suspect in Geldermalsen anti-asylum center riots on 16 Decembet 2015 (Photo: Politie)Suspect in Geldermalsen anti-asylum center riots on 16 Decembet 2015 (Photo: Politie)

Recognizable photos of suspects involved in anti-asylum riots in Geldermalsen on December 16th, were released on a broadcast of investigation program Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday night.  The riots in Geldermalsen broke out on December 16th last year during an information meeting on possibly opening an asylum center in the city. Dozens of rioters tried to storm the town hall, throwing fireworks, stones and cans at the police. Two officers were injured and 14 people were arrested on the spot. Using camera footage of the evening, the police identified other suspects. The police first released blurred out photos of 24 suspects a few weeks ago, with the threat that if the rioters do not turn themselves in, they will be publicly shamed by their photos being shown on the popular program. The threat seems to have been effective - 18 of the 24 people in the photos reported to the police. The people shown in the photos below are the six suspects the police are still looking for in connection with the riots. The police call on anyone who recognize the people in these photos to contact them at once.