Aptitude test fraud went on for years at Rotterdam primary school

Primary school classroom (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Douglas P Perkins)Primary school classroom (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Douglas P Perkins)

A Rotterdam teacher was suspended pending an investigation into academic fraud at a primary school in the Heijplaat neighborhood of Rotterdam. The teacher allegedly gave students at De Klaver an extra chance when they answered questions incorrectly, said Kees Terdu, the chairman of the school’s parent organization.

The students were in Groups 4 to 7, or roughly between the ages of 7 and 11. The teacher is not suspected of interfering in the Cito final exams at the end of Group 8, Terdu insisted to RTV Rijnmond.

“The man acted on his own when the students were given an extra opportunity to answer a question,” Terdu said. Sometimes, students were given several extra chances.

Parents told newspaper AD that the suspended teacher is also the school’s Deputy Principal supervising internal affairs. Parents contacted by RTV Rijnmond said they were shocked by the situation. Meanwhile, the Education Inspectorate said it was concerned some students were not properly educated before advancing to their next Group level.

Terdu runs the Stichting PCBO, which translates to the Protestant Christian Elementary and Orthopedagogical Education charity. It is responsible for seven thousand primary school students at 32 Rotterdam Zuid schools, including two special education schools and two for children with learning difficulties, its website says.