Christian politicians back ban on adultery service ads

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Christian party SGP wants to ban adultery commercials from dating sites like Second Love from public broadcasters in the Netherlands. According to party leader Kees van der Staaij, these "repulsive" ad campaigns that call on spouses to commit adultery destroy many relationships and families. "Every divorce we can avoid is pure profit for the children involved", he said to broadcaster NOS. 

Van der Staaij pointed out that there are all sorts of restrictive rules on the advertising of smoking and alcohol and that even advertisements for loans contain warnings.

The party would prefer to ban these advertisements completely, but is focusing on the public broadcasters for now. "Because there the government has an extra responsibility. Do you want the public broadcaster, which you finance yourself, to get extra revenue from this type of socially irresponsible advertising?" Van der Staaij said.

This is not the first time that the SGP is campaigning against adultery advertisements. In March last year the party launched a crowdfunding action to use billboards across the Netherlands to advertise faithfulness in a relationship.