Threatening letter sent to town hall after anti-asylum riots

Anti-asylum center protest in Heesch, Brabant, 18 Jan 2016 (Photo: @dannyvanasperen/Twitter)Anti-asylum center protest in Heesch, Brabant, 18 Jan 2016 (Photo: @dannyvanasperen/Twitter)

A so-called "kogelbrief", or "bullet letter" in English was delivered to the municipality of Bernheze on Wednesday afternoon, according to the police. The police on what exactly the letter says, but did state that it contained threats to do with the possible arrival of an asylum center in the town of Heesch, which falls under the municipality of Bernheze.

A "kogelbrief" is literally a letter sent to a bullet, meant to threaten and intimidate the recipient. The police confiscated both the letter ad the bullet for a trace evidence investigation. They hope to so determine where the letter came from and who sent it.

Later on Wednesday a brick was also thrown through the municipality's window, according to Omroep Brabant.

In a written statement Bernheze mayor Marieke Moorman stated that intimidation and threats are "absolutely unacceptable" in any form whatsoever. "It stands in stark contrast to the constructive discussions we have with our people", she wrote, according to the broadcaster, adding that the municipality wants to continue the discussion. "In the way we do it here in Heesch: critical and respectful of each other's views."

The municipality of Bernheze plans to open an asylum center housing up to 500 people for a maximum of 10 years in Heesch. On Monday night about a thousand protesters against the asylum center rioted through the town's streets. Most of the rioters are not from the town itself, according to a local politician. Three people were arrested and no one was injured. Last week someone also lynched a piglet on the planned site for the center.