Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein guest on 100th College Tour edition

Carl Bernstein (Photo: Larry D. Moore/Wikimedia Commons). (Carl Bernstein (Photo: Larry D. Moore/Wikimedia Commons))

Carl Bernstein, one of the two reporters who uncovered the Watergate Scandal, will be a guest on the 100th episode of College Tour. The episode will be broadcast on Friday, April 15th, presenter Twan Huys announced on Tuesday, NU reports.

Bernstein and his colleague Bob Woodward wrote about the break-in at the headquarters of the American Democratic Party in newspaper The Washington Post. The scandal led to the resignation of Republican President Richard Nixon in 1974. The movie about the unveiling, All the President's Men, won four Oscars in 1976.

Students interested in attending the broadcast can apply to do so now.

The new season of College Tour starts on the first Friday of February, now on NPO2. The first episode features Jane Goodball as guest, Herman van Veen is up a week later and an interview with Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb will be broadcast on March 4th.