PVV giving women fake pepper spray to fend off attacks

In response to the mass sexual assaults in Cologne over New Year's, the PVV plans to hand out "resistance spray" to women so that they can protect themselves from attacks by "Islamic testosterone bombs". The spray contains a dye that will stain an attacker's skin and clothing. It is a legal alternative to banned pepper spray, ANP reports.

"The events in Cologne and other cities show how dangerous it is if we massively bring in men out of the barbaric and misogynistic Islamic culture", PVV leader Geert Wilders said to the news wire on Thursday. He also called for the ban on pepper spray to be abolished as soon as possible.

Wilders and his party will be handing out the pepper spray in Spijkenisse on Saturday, January 23rd. They will also distribute flyers against plans for an asylum center in the town.