Chess grandmasters to school opponents on Utrecht canal tour

Anish Giri (Photo: Stefan64/Wikimedia Commons). (Anish Giri (Photo: Stefan64/Wikimedia Commons))

Chess masters will be playing in a boat on the Utrecht canals on Tuesday as part of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, also known as the "Wimbledon of chess". The tournament takes place in Wijk aan Zee from January 15th to 31st, RTV Utrecht reports.

"Chess is a combination of sports, science and art", chess expert Hans Bohm said to the broadcaster. "The best players know how to bring the combination together in a beautiful way."

All Dutch eyes are set to be on Dutch born grandmaster Anish Giri. The 21 year old chess genius is currently number three in the world rankings. "If you are on number three, you can only have two goals: number 1 or number 2", Giri said. "I'm going for first place."