Dutch clog maker designs wooden five-inch Stiletto

Clogs (Photo: Jim judges/Wikimedia Commons)Clogs (Photo: Jim judges/Wikimedia Commons)

The Netherlands has a new export product: stiletto clogs with 12 centimeter heels, designed and made by clog maker Dirk Poffers in Hellendoorn.

"I never shy away from challenges with clogs. I went for lessons form the clog makers in Enter, because the craft should not be lost. I always walk on wooden shoes, but notice that around me that wearing clogs is seen as something old fashioned", Proffers said to Dutch newspaper AD.

He hopes that the stiletto clogs might breathe new life into the traditional wooden shoes, among the ladies at least. "Abroad the Netherlands is still known for its windmills, cheese, tulips and clogs. The clogs must remain standing tall in that list."

Whether the stiletto clogs will catch on remains to be seen. But by looking at them it seems that Poffers may be able to count on Minnie Mouse as a customer.