Condom use falters among Zeeland teens

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The Zeeland teenagers of today are more likely to have unprotected sex than their peers of 11 years ago. Condom use among teens in the province dropped from 55 percent in 2004 to 46 percent this year, according to a study done by the Zeeland planning office ZB Planbureau, Omroep Zeeland reports.

The planning office surveyed 3,100 Zeeland 14- and 15-year-olds on their sexual behavior. They found that 18 percent of the boys who've had sex did so without a condom. Among girls it was 11 percent.

The study also revealed that Zeeland teens are waiting longer to lose their virginity. One in six of the teens indicated that they are sexually active. In 2004 it was one in four.

The teenagers were also asked whether the sexual experience happened against their will. 16 percent of the teens had a negative experience in this respect, girls slightly more often than boys.