Americans ruffle feathers with unlimited goose trophy hunting trips to Netherlands

Geese (Photo: Rokus C/Wikimedia Commons)Geese (Photo: Rokus C/Wikimedia Commons)

American hunting company is offering its clients five days of unlimited goose hunting in the Netherlands for only 4,600 dollars. 

The "Netherlands Goose Hunting" offer includes a five-day stay in a luxurious bed and breakfast and all the goose hunting they can manage.

The site describes the Netherlands as an excellent trip for both hunters and non-hunters alike. "A flexible, customized touring itinerary has been developed for our non-hunters (and their hunter companions that want to take a break from the action) to include windmills, wooden shoes, canal floats, art and historic museums, shopping and much more", according to the site.

According to the site, goose hunting was restricted or prohibited in the Netherlands for years, with the result that "the goose population exploded 10-fold". "The unprecedented biological tsunami of geese results i severe economic loss, poses a dire public safety hazard - and provides some great goose hunting when the weather and bird cooperate."

The law leaves room for trophy hunting by foreign hunters, according to the Leeuwarder Courant. Goose hunting falls under managed hunting.

The website shows several pictures of happy customers posing with their many trophies.