Amsterdam chef finds dead baby shark inside fresh squid

Squid (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/David Monniaux)Squid (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/David Monniaux)

A chef working at restaurant Toscanini was "pleasantly surprised" to find a dead baby shark inside the fresh squid she was preparing on Wednesday. The teeny-tiny shark is estimated to have been about a month old when the squid swallowed it, AT5 reports.

"At one point you have to put your whole hand in (to the squid, ed) in order to remove the entrails. And then I felt something strange, at the very end of the squid", the chef said to AT5. "You often take something out of a squid, such as sardines or mackerel. But I've never seen a shark before."

The fishmonger who sold the fish to the restaurant told the broadcaster that squid are very aggressive animals that will eat everything they encounter.