Belgian Muslim student applies for Wilders’ anti-Islam job posting

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Mohamed Ouaamari, a Flemish student from Antwerpen, applied for a job at anti-Islam party PVV. The job listing was posted by PVV leader Geert Wilders on Twitter on Monday.

"The PVV is looking for candidate parliament members. People with courage, love for the Netherlands and an aversion to Islam. Interested? Send motivation and CV", Wilders wrote on Twitter.

Flemish student Ouaamari could not resist the temptation to apply for the job. He wrote a motivation for why he is a good fit for this job and sent it to the PVV. He starts off by explaining his love for the Netherlands with "the charming canals and orange legion". "I love the Netherlands, I've never felt Flemish", he writes. "Therefore I would like to immigrate to the Netherlands. The land of butter, cheese and eggs and beautiful tulips." He promises to wait for the next qualification campaign.

The student then explains that he has courage, is daring and ambitious. He also stresses his passion for communication and states that he can learn a log of the PVV's "propaganda school". He adds that his "Islamophobia still needs some work". "But, I do my best every day to get better at that."

"I count on a fair selection", he finishes. "Hopefully I have as much chance as someone with a more Dutch-sounding name."

So far there has been no response from the PVV leader.