Netherlands commits €4 million to Syria rescue workers

Syrian rescue workers the White Helmets
Syrian rescue workers the White Helmets. ()

Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs is committing 4 million euros to support rescue workers from the Syrian civil society organization White Helmets for the next two years, the Ministry announced on Thursday.

"These people save victims from the rubble of bombings at great peril to their own lives. They are heroes who form a bright spot in the otherwise so complex and obscure situation. They are a clear example of the good in people and deserve our support", Koenders said on Thursday. The White Helmets perform rescue work during and after air raids and also provide information and training. The Dutch contribution will support these efforts and also go towards training more women, who provide medical training and help in the rescue work. Over the past few years, these unarmed volunteers rescued more than 40 thousand people from rubble left by bombing attacks. According to the Minister, this support is sorely needed. "The bombings by the Syrian regime and recent bombings by the Russians are increasingly hitting civilian targets, such as hospitals, markets and residential areas", Koenders said. "Syrian citizens are currently living in a terrible situation. They live in constant fear, under daily bombardment. It is therefore essential that good help is provided in Syria itself."