Labour wants end to super cheap supermarket meat

The PvdA wants supermarkets to stop selling meat at very cheap prices. According to the party, it puts too much pressure on farmers to raise their animals as cheaply as possible, which in turn puts pressure on sustainability.

The coalition will advocate for binding regulations on this matter during the Economic Affairs budget debate on agriculture and nature on Wednesday, NU reports.

"Through that pressure farmers are forced to raise their animals at the lowest cost. Therefore there is no money for extra freedom of movement in the barn and animals are kept alive with antibiotics. Antibiotics that we eventually get in", said PvdA parliamentarian Sjoera Dikkers. "It cannot go on like this. It is not only bad for animals and bad for farmers, but also for people's health."

Dikkers believes that the future lies in sustainable meat. "There is an increase demand for that, and more and more people understand that animals deserve a decent life."