Report: Former MEP demanded sex with policy aide’s daughter

Daniel van der Stoep (Photo: Woeler1 / Wikimedia). (Daniel van der Stoep (Photo: Woeler1 / Wikimedia))

One of the underage girls former European Parliamentarian Daniel van der Stoep is suspected of trying to solicit sex from, is the daughter of one of the policy aides that worked with him in the party "Artikel 50" during the European Parliament elections in 2014.

The policy aide told newspaper AD that Van der Stoep "long and consistently" insisted on sex with the girl by offering her money. He first approached the girl in September 2012, shortly before her 15th birthday. The other two victims were approached in 2013. According to the aide, it never turned into actual sex, only offers of money and gifts in exchange for sex.

Van der Stoep is appearing in the court in The Hague on Tuesday. According to the Public Prosecutor, the former European Parlimentarian tried to persuade girls to have sex with him in exchange for money and gifts of, among other things, cigarettes, liquor and vacations.