Report: Military man one of five held in motorcycle gang murder

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One of the five Satudarah members who are suspected in the murder of Rudi Schouten, worked as a soldier for Defense and the Marechaussee, military police, for years.

This is according to research done by Omroep Brabant. Satudarah frontman Guus Pronk and club lawyer Erik Thomas confirmed to the broadcaster that the man in question is Gianiro S. He was arrested and released to await the rest of the process in freedom. According to Thomas, this indicates that there is not enough evidence against him.

The Ministry of Defense gave no response to the broadcaster's allegation because "it is contrary to the requirements of personal safety".

It is possible for S. to both be a member of Satudarah and work at Defense because the motorcycle club is not listed as a criminal organization. As long as this is the case, Defense does not have the authority to dismiss employees on that grounds.

Defense specialist and military historian Chirst Klep finds it "highly undesirable", that someone can be a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang and work for the government at the same time. "A motorcycle gang like Satudarah is, however you look at it, frequently linked to crime." he said to the broadcaster. Calling the situation "quite sensitive".

Satudarah frontman Pronk thinks the case is being taken way out of proportion. "Gianiro is a fine and relaxed guy who, to my knowledge, has never moved in the criminal circuit. That justice can no longer hold him for the murder, says more than enough I believe. I admire his commitment to our country."