Report: Victim of car bombing a Satudarah motorcycle gang member

The victim of the car explosion in Breda on Wednesday night is a 63 year old man from Breda.  BN De Stem identifies the victim as Chris van Esch, believed to be a member of motorcycle gang Satudarah.

Police spokesperson Jeroen Steenmeijer would not confirm or deny the rumors that the victim is a member of the motorcycle gang to broadcaster NOS. He did say that the police are are "seriously considering" that the explosion was an attack, though investigation still has to confirm this. "But an explosion of this magnitude makes it reminiscent of an attack. The trace evidence investigation is continuing today and we are getting help from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team. We are also talking to witnesses."

The victim is currently in hospital with serious injuries. According to witnesses, the man lost an arm and a leg in the explosion and was maimed beyond recognition.