KFC, Danone nominated for misleading advertising awards

KFC in Groningen (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wierse). (KFC in Groningen (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wierse))

Animal welfare organization Wakker Dier has announced the five nominees for their misleading advertising awards. The nominees are: KFC, Danone, Friberne, Gouda Holland, Melkunie and Duroc D'Olives.

The election focuses on products that are presented as better than they actually are.

According to the organization, fast food chain KFC's website "Don't Worry, Eat Happy" and promises of high quality chicken are blatant lies. "But KFC serves battery farm chicken", Wakker Dier writes on its website. "Such a chicken lives with 20 others on one square meter in his own excrement, with breast blisters and leg ulcers as result. Well KFC, we do not find that quality. And we are certainly not happy about it!"

The organization is also concerned about how dairy products are presented by Danone's "Nature yoghurt", the "Gouda Holland quality mark" and Melkunie's goat's milk. According to Wakker Dier, these products are advertised with animals walking and grazing free outside, while some of them actually spend all year in a stall.

The same applies to the advertisements of Friberne's "herbs pig" and Duroc d'Olives' pig. According to the organizations, these brands suggest happy pigs and piglets frolicking in grass, while the industry pigs actually never get to stay outside.

The public can vote for their favorite misleading advertisements on Wakker Dier's website.