Dutch near-field communication firm NXP to build firewall for cars

NXP (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Rico Shen). (NXP (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Rico Shen))

Dutch near-field communication firm NXP is going to be installing passport and credit card security technology to improve communication protection between smart cities and cars. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication and communication between vehicles and stationary roadside objects is said to become a reality within the next 5 – 10 years.

Maurice Geraets told Financieel Dagblad that, “The car is becoming an ever-increasing data generator, communication with other cars and the outside world must be done in a safe manner.” NXP plans to encrypt data traffic and the network around the car.

Vice President of Strategy, New Business, and R&D for the automotive business unit at NXP, Lars Reger says that security would include the authentication of “authorized traffic participants”. The crypto hardware would be the same that is used in banks to ensure proper authentication.

V2V communication would include things like traffic information, leading to smoother traffic flow, avoiding congestion, and accidents. Reger believes that accidents could be reduced by up to one third. Communication with RFID tags would detect children approaching a crosswalk or running into the street, alerting the driver.

This will be the first collaboration between NXP and General Motors, when NXP chips are to be installed in the newest Cadillac XT5’s next year, reported NU.