Survey: Netherlands households have five WiFi devices on average

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Homes in the Netherlands have an average of five devices that can access the internet via a WiFi connection. 

This is according to a survey done by Telecompaper Consumer Panel among 1,500 Dutch people. The survey included smartphones, tablets,TV's, energy meters and gaming consoles.

The survey revealed that 11 percent of households have only one device, while 7 percent had more than ten. Children were seen to be a contributing factor to the number of devices. The survey showed 13 percent having ten or more devices, when compared to the just two percent of child-less households. Child-less households had an average of four devices while those with children had an average of six.

Income also showed clear differences in the survey - below average income households having an average of four devices and average income homes having an average of five.  Households earning twice the average income reported 7 devices, with 19 percent of these having ten or more in comparison to the seven percent of all households.

When converted, the numbers show an average of 35 million wi-fi accessed internet devices in households throughout Holland.