Public transit strike to hit Amsterdam, Utrecht

GVB bus (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/LennartBolks)GVB bus (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/LennartBolks)

Strikes over the salary deal for public servants will be hitting the public transit in Amsterdam and Utrecht on Thursday morning. There will be no buses, trams or subways traveling in these two cities between 5:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., union FNV announced. 

The striking employees are dissatisfied with the deterioration of their pensions involved in the salary deal. "These workers are furious", said FNV vice president Ruud Kuin on the union's website. "Through the wage deal for government employees, 15 percent of their pension is removed. You can count on your fingers that this has implications for the future."

According to the union, the Cabinet's controversial wage proposal will hit all 2.8 million people receiving or building ABP pensions in their wallets. FNV calls the proposal a "trick of the Cabinet Rutte" that gives 600 thousand government employees a small raise, but comes at a high price - all 2.8 million people with ABP pensions threaten to lose purchasing power.

Transporter GVB confirms the strike on its website, stating that there is one exception - ferries will still be crossing the IJ as usual. "We are making every effort to travel according to the schedule as quickly as possible after the union action."