Defense minister “most influential woman” in Netherlands

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Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert of Defense has been named the most influential woman in the Netherlands in the Opzij Top 100 Most Influential Women 2015. 

According to Opzij, the jury found that Hennis has made "outstanding input into the complex issues and international relations, through which she commands authority throughout the armed forces - from high to low". She has a lot to face, "but stands her ground and seems to bring more transparency in the relatively closed culture within Defense. Her humor and accessibility are her secret weapons".

The Opzij Top 100 Influential Women consists of ten Top 10 lists in several categories. The most influential woman is chosen from the number one of each of the ten lists. The jury looked at the "absolute" influence - the power carried with a function - how it is used and how visible the women are to determine the overall winner. The winner of each category is as follows:

  • Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert - Politics
  • Pauline Meurs - Healthcare
  • Esle Bos - Business
  • Sigrid van Aken - Charity
  • Manon Leijten - Public Administration
  • Ingrid Faber - Entrepreneurs
  • Louise Fresco - Education and Science
  • Birgit Donker - Culture and Media
  • Margot Scheltema - Supervisors
  • Sigrid Kaag - Justice and Public Order