Oil from sunken ship washes up on Zeeland

The Flinterstar (photo: Flinter). (The Flinterstar (photo: Flinter))

Oil washing up along beaches in Zeeland on the southern Dutch coastline originated from the sunken Dutch freighter, Flinterstar. It is stuck on a sandbank just off the coast of Belgium after colliding with a tanker registered in the Marshall Islands.

Dozens of meters of beachfront between Westkapelle and Vlissingen have been covered with "chunks" of oil washing ashore, the city of Vlissingen said on Twitter.

Lifeguards have posted signs informing beach-goers of the ongoing cleanup effort three. Authorities advised that the public not walk along the shoreline during cleaning operations, which were scheduled to start around 2 p.m., after high tide.

Some roads are expected to be closed during the cleanup.

Local residents were asked to assist with the cleanup starting at 11 a.m. in Baskenburg, and asylum seekers were expected to pitch in around 4 p.m. to assist.