Wageningen at 47th on Times education list; eight Dutch univs. in top 100

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Wageningen University and Research Centre finished atop the 13 Dutch universities ranked on the Times Higher Education annual list of the best 250 schools. It was a big improvement for Wageningen, which climbed 26 places to land in the 47th position. Eight Netherlands institutions fell in the top 100.

Among the top eight finishers from the Netherlands, last year’s Dutch leader Leiden University has seen a slip in its ranking by three places, down from 64th to 67th. The Universities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Delft, Erasmus and Maasstricht all experienced a rise up the table.

The highest climbing Dutch University from this year’s survey was The University of Groningen with an elevation of 47 places from last year’s 117th to this year’s 74th.

This year also saw a change amongst  the top 5 worldwide while Harvard University fell from 2th to 6th, the Massachusetts Institute for Technology climbed one position from 6th place last year. The California Institute of Technology still tops the list with Oxford University in London in second.


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