Report: Netherlands is the 6th wealthiest nation


The latest Global Wealth report from insurer Allianz revealed on Tuesday that the Netherlands placed sixth among the top 20 richest countries in the world according to their assessment of household equity versus debt conducted in more than fifty countries.

It was stated in the Allianz report that in 2014 for the first time since the global financial crisis that Europe has experienced higher growth than North America with a growth of 6.2 percent compared to Americas 5.3 percent. This growth has been attributed to strict European debt discipline and a further decline in private debt.

The Dutch have on net worth average just over 78,000 euros in net assets and possessions, and a gross value of 126,700 euros, which raises the Netherlands two places when compared to the same results in 2000. Gross financial assets in the Netherlands increased by 12.3 percent due to a strong increase in pension assets, and a reported growth of an exceptional 21.6 percent in net financial assets.

Allianz reported on their website that globally, only Denmark and Australia have better debt ratios than the Netherlands.

Other countries in the Eurozone have slipped significantly down the list, including Germany and Belgium fell into ninth and nineteenth place respectively. France and Italy fell eleven places to sixteenth and twentieth positions. No changes have been recorded in the top two positions, still held by Switzerland and the United States.