Zwarte Piet school ban angers many

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The decision made by primary schools in The Hague to steadily phase out discriminatory features of Zwarte Piet has caused quite an uproar in both the on- and offline world. Hundreds of opponents and supporters of the decision are voicing their opinions on social media.

Dutch newspaper AD reports receiving many a phone call from angry parents. One caller told the newspaper that he saw many crying mothers in the schoolyard this morning and that the school's Sinterklaas celebration will be massively boycotted.

Alderman Richard de Mos was the first to respond in The Hague city council. He is demanding an emergency debate at the council meeting on Thursday because "the outlaw of our children's friend is unacceptable".

Parliamentarians, especially from the right side of the political spectrum, are also joining the discussion on Twitter. VNL member Joran van Klaveren wants the schools to "keep hands off of Dutch cultural heritage". PVV member Machiel de Graaf tweeted: "Hague parents, time for action! Let your culture not be taken away by racist school boards!"

The reactions aren't all bad. Many people also seem to welcome the decision. With people calling it "great news" and "Good! Denigrating a whole race as a celebration is just wrong!"