Street killing rocks safe Huizen neighborhood

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A man was shot dead while sitting in his car in the middle of a residential area in Huizen on Wednesday. The murder took place early in the evening at the Rendier.

According to the Telegraaf, the man was parking his car outside his home when a motorcycle pulled up beside him. The driver of the motorcycle got off and shot the man at close range. Witnesses say that the man was hit three times in the head. He died instantly.

The police are investigating. According to the Twitter account of the Police Gooi en Vechtsreek, the reports of a suspect on a motorcycle cannot be confirmed. It is too early to say whether this was an assassination. The police closed off the area and performed an extensive investigation.

Many local residents, including children, saw the lifeless body of their neighbor in his Ford Ka. According to the newspaper, the victim is believed to be in his late 50's and father of four children. One of his three daughters witnessed the murder. The police know the identity of the man, but have not released it yet as all his relatives have not been informed.

A young woman passed the gunman, dressed completely in black, as he was speeding away. "I cycled along and heard shots", she said to the Telegraaf. "For a moment I thought it was fireworks. A woman was screaming in the street and shouted that all the children should go inside. I saw him sitting in his car, covered in blood. The woman screamed: 'the motorcyclist shot and killed him!'"

No suspect has been arrested yet.

As in the three months ago, this murder happened in broad daylight, in the middle of a residential area, at a time when there were many families around.