Oranje missing Euro would cost Dutch economy tens of millions

Oranje decorations during the Football World Cup in 2010 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Ziko)Oranje decorations during the Football World Cup in 2010 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Ziko)

Oranje's threatening elimination from the European Championships after the 3-0 loss against Turkey could cost parts of the Dutch economy tens of millions of euros.

For supermarkets alone, Oranje missing the European Championships in France could lead to revenue losses of more than 50 million euros, according to Het Parool. The World Championship in Brazil resulted in 54 million euros in extra sales for supermarkets, Joop Holla of market research company GfK said to the newspaper. In contrast, supermarkets recorded a sales decline of 2.4 percent in June this year, when there was no big tournament. "Orange fever definitely has an influence", Holla said. "Just look at the savings actions around the Dutch team. This you might completely miss in France."

Then there is damage to the hospitality and traveling industry, losing out on holiday packages to matches. One potential victim is Oranjecamping initiator Jakko de Wit. He has hosted an estimated 10 thousand guests since the European Championships in Portugal in 2004. "If Oranje is not going, you obviously do not need to invest in temporary French camping", he explained to the Parool. "But playing a European Championship so close to the Netherlands in an ideal country for camping, for us that means a considerable loss of income if it doesn't happen."

According to sports marketer Frank van den Wall Bake, Oranje's elimination will also have direct consequences for the income of the football association and players. The KNVB will have to ask less for friendly matches and TV rights. The players miss the stage to boost their transfer value. And there will be no player spots for joint advertising campaigns.