Sixth train attack hero an Amsterdam banker

Berkenstraat in Oirsbeek (Photo: Screenshot/Google Maps). (Berkenstraat in Oirsbeek (Photo: Screenshot/Google Maps))

The sixth hero in the foiled on Friday, has been identified as 26 year old Frenchman Damien. He has been working at the BNP Paribas bank in Amsterdam for 4 years. As far as is known, he also lives in the Dutch capital.

Damien was the first to person to be confronted by Ayoub el Khazzani on the train on Friday, AD reports. He bumped into the suspected terrorist after coming out of the bathroom. El Khazzani, carrying a Kalashnikov over his shoulder, managed to free himself from Damien and enter the train carriage.

Once inside El Khazzani was confronted by 51 year old American born Mark Moogalian. The suspect shot Mooligan in the neck before being overpowered by Americans 22 year old Alek Skarlatos, 23 year old Spencer Stone, 23 year old Anthony Sadler and the 62 year old Chris Norman.

Damien is the only one of the six men who managed to stop El Khazzani who wants to remain anonymous, which is why his last name has not been released. Like the other five, he will also receive the French medal Legion D'Honneur for his part in preventing a bloodbath.

Damien can be seen in the of the attack made by Taiwanese Animators.