Cyber attacks against Dutch government double

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The number of reported cyber attacks on the Dutch government's systems and websites has doubled over the past two years. The National Cyber Security Center currently receive reports of an attack almost on a daily basis.

This is according to figures from the National Cyber Security Center, or NCSC, that the Volkskrant received after and appeal to the Open Government Act.

Between May last year and May this year, the NCSC received 293 reports of attacks made on government systems or websites. The number of reported attacks on businesses has also increased significantly. Experts told the newspaper this increase is partly due to the fact that businesses are more willing to report an attack, and partly due to the number of attacks actually increasing.

Over the past few months there has also been an increased use of cryptoware - a software that allows hackers to lick files on computers. The hackers then demand money in exchange for unlocking the files. According to the newspaper, there were 20 reports of cryptoware in March, most of them from the government.