Wasp, bee invasion at Walibi theme park

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Amusement park Walibi Holland has been invaded by wasps and bees. The problem is getting so large that people no longer dare stand in the queue and the first aid stall is overrun by people who have been stung.

The insects swarm around the open bins and stalls selling sweets, the Telegraaf reports. One visitor described it as a "scene from a horror movie" to the newspaper. "Everywhere you walk those wretched beasts follow you. You're not safe anywhere."

The amusement park confirmed to RTL Nieuws that they are dealing with wasps. "We have called in a specialized company, this company removes the nests, among other things", a spokesperson said. Walibi has also installed special wasp traps and visitors who are stung can get a vacuum pump from the park to suck the venom out of their bodies.