Russia wants to discuss Dutch flower boycott with EU

The Russian watchdog for animal and plant health Rosselchoznadzor has formally submitted a request to discuss the safety of Dutch flowers with the European Union, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported on Monday according to ANP.

According to Aleksej Aleksejenko of the Rosselchoznadzor, he wants to discuss the way the Netherlands delivers flowers and the transit through other countries with the European Union. Only after this discussion, or if the EU refuses the request, an import ban may be implemented. "No restrictions have been implemented by Rosselchoznadzor, we only requested a conversation."

Last week it came to light that Russia is considering an import ban on Dutch flowers. According to Russia, this is because Dutch flowers contain pests that form a "serious danger to the Russian economy and agriculture". Dutch Agriculture and Horticulture organization LTO believes that the actual reason is politically motivated and may have to do with the Netherlands working on establishing an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the downing of flight MH17.




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