Amsterdam in world's top 20 startup cities

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Amsterdam got 19th place in data company Compass' Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. This is the first time that Amsterdam reached the top 20, partly thanks to an increase in the number of investments and acquisitions. 

Compass gathered data on a large number of startup cities around the world. This was done by, among other things, 11 thousand surveys, interviews with entrepreneurs and cooperation with various startup programs worldwide.

"Twenty years ago, almost all tech startups were created in startup ecosystems like Silicon Valley and Boston. Today, technology entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon, with startup ecosystems similar to Silicon Valley rapidly emerging all around the world." the researchers write.

The startup cities in the index were ranked by five major components: Performance, Funding, Talent, Market Research and Startup Experience. Asian startup ecosystems from China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea are not included in the index. According to the researchers, the language barrier slowed their ability to gather enough information to include cities from these countries.

The top four startup cities in the world are all American cities: Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles and Boston. Tel Aviv in Israel took fifth place.

Including Amsterdam, there are five European cities in the top 20: London in 6th place, Berlin in 9th place, Paris in 11th place and Moscow in 13th place.

See the full list below:

  1. Silicon Valley
  2. New York
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Boston
  5. Tel Aviv
  6. London
  7. Chicago
  8. Seattle
  9. Berlin
  10. Singapore
  11. Paris
  12. Sao Paulo
  13. Moscow
  14. Austin
  15. Bangalore
  16. Sydney
  17. Toronto
  18. Vancouver
  19. Amsterdam
  20. Montreal