Hoogeveen pyromaniac strikes again

A van went up in flames on Jakob Elemastraat in Hoogeveen on Sunday night. The police believe that this latest fire may be connected to the around 50 arsons committed in the city over the past 6 months, NU reports.

Earlier this month a trailer, a caravan and a car was set on fire in the city. In May the pyromaniac struck three times in one night, setting fire to a fence of a seniors complex, the backyard of a home and a municipality depot.

The police now immediately assume that arson is involved in all car fires in Hoogeveen, according to NU. The fire brigade also tries to extinguish all fires with a fire blanket instead of water or foam in an effort to preserve trace evidence.

The police are performing a trace evidence investigation at the scene of the latest fire on Monday. They have called on all Hoogeveen residents to remain alert to anything suspicious.


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