Achmea board member resigns over fraud investigation

Jeroen van Breda Vriesman has resigned as a member of Achmea's Executive Board, the insurer announced on Thursday. According to Achmea, the resignation is related to the Public Prosecutor's fraud investigation into the Achmea Health Centers. 

Van Breda Vriesman temporarily stepped back when the Prosecutor started the investigation in September 2014. "Because of the already elapsed time and the uncertainty about when the case will be completed, the Supervisory board and Jeroen van Breda Vriesman agreed that he will resign."

The Public Prosecutor's investigation focuses on possible incorrect tax treatment of the Health Centers' leases in 2007. At that time Van Breda Vriesman was chairman of the Health division and as such responsible for the Health Centers.

The Supervisory Board "regrets" this development, but describes it as "inevitable" given the circumstances.