Tour operator cancels holidays to Tunisia

ArkeFly - TUI Nederland (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Pieter van Marion). (ArkeFly - TUI Nederland (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Pieter van Marion))

Tour operator TUI Nederland has cancelled all its holidays and flights to Tunisia until February 2016, due the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' for the country and a strong decline in the number of bookings.

A spokesperson for TUI told NRC that the intention is to resume the flights and holiday tours to Tunisia by the spring holidays, provided that the travel warning has been lifted. People who have already booked a trip will be refunded or be able to book a holiday at another destination.

Tunisia has faced two major attacks in areas that are popular among tourists in the past few months. On June 26th a man . In March 22 people, including 19 tourists, were killed in the Bardo Museum in Tunis.