Dutch women go after hospitals over faulty PIP breast implants

Breast implants (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/FDA)Breast implants (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/FDA)

Dutch women are suing four hospitals and private clinics for damages caused by PIP-breast implants, NOS reports.

Some 1,400 Dutch women had to have such PIP implants replaced. Wrong gel was used in these implants. The gel could cause cracks and leaks, causing symptoms including hard and misshapen breasts, fatigue and aching joints.

The PIP implants were produced in France. Both the producer and the importer in the Netherlands are now bankrupt. As the women are unlikely to get compensation from them, they are now turning to the hospitals and clinics who performed the surgeries. These women are working through SAP Attorney - the same injury office that previously sued a German company that approved the bad implants.

Hospitals and private clinics rely on a clause in the law that states that it is unreasonable to hold hospitals and doctors liable for defective medical devices. According to one attorney at SAP, it is only fair to lay the responsibility for the risks at the feet of the hospital or doctor who made the choice of the implants. Patients do not know enough and believe that doctors make an informed decision based on their knowledge.