Theme parks getting more expensive

The Flying Dutchman at Efteling (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Kevin olfers)The Flying Dutchman at Efteling (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Kevin olfers)

Entree fees at amusements parks have increased significantly over the past five years. The average price of a ticket is now 35 euros, compared to 30 euros in 2010 - an increase of 17 percent.

This is according to an online service done by the ING Economic Bureau, NU reports. Tens of thousands of people completed the survey in the past few days.

Efteling is by far the most expensive theme park. Buying a ticket at the door will cost a visitor 38 euros. Buying a ticket online will save you 4 euros. Walibi Holland comes in second place with 34.50 euros per ticket at the door, and a 13 percent discount when ordering online.

An average visitor will spend about 50 euros per person when visiting a theme park. This includes additional expenses such as parking, food or souvenirs.

The survey also showed that most visitors try to limit their expenses. 53 percent of respondents indicated that they sometimes or always make use of discounts when visiting a theme park. A quarter even takes lunch or other food with them, to avoid spending extra money at the park.